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Collaboration improves the project of the century of deep geological disposal – the attendees at the “Dialogue on the Deep Geological Repository” event all agreed on this. But where are the pitfalls, what problems could arise?

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The purpose of a deep geological repository is to protect people and the environment from our radioactive waste far into the distant future. However, the construction and operation of the repository must also be compatible with humans and the environment. To ensure this, our project of the century must undergo an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Nagra Praktikum Kommunikation: Interessierte junge Menschen betrachten das Endlagermodell im Infopavillon der Nagra in Stadel und diskutieren über das Jahrhundertprojekt Tiefenlager.

One year after the siting proposal: development in the region to date and next steps.

Strahlenkatze in einer dystopischen Zukunft.

How do we pass on information about the deep geological repository to our descendants in a way that they can understand it? In Sweden, an initial reply to this question is currently being developed. Switzerland is following suit.

Jürg Neidhard, verantwortlich für den Rückbau aller Bohrplätze, zeigt den Bohrplatz Bülach, wie er heute aussieht.

Dismantling is a success when no one notices a difference from before. This applies to dismantling a drill site and will also apply to the surface of the future deep geological repository.

Präsident Lino Guzzella und CEO Matthias Braun diskutieren vor dem Tiefenlagermodell im Nagra Infopavillon in Windlach.

Matthias Braun and Lino Guzzella look back on the siting proposal for the deep geological repository.

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At today’s annual general meeting of Nagra in Bern, the representatives of the Cooperative acknowledged the successful outcome of the challenging business year of 2022 by approving all requests submitted by Nagra’s Board of Directors. The project of the century of deep geological disposal is now entering the licensing phase.

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The international scientific community is engaged in an intensive exchange on the disposal of radioactive waste. The countries involved share a common goal: to leave behind a clean environment for future generations.