“In September, Nagra will achieve an important milestone in the project of the century of deep geological disposal”

At today’s annual general meeting of Nagra in Bern, Lino Guzzella, President of the Board of Directors, expressed his deep satisfaction with the past business year: Nagra can be proud of the successful deep borehole campaign, and the resultant findings form the basis for the siting proposal that Nagra will announce in September.

In April, Nagra completed the last of a total of nine deep boreholes in Northern Switzerland. “We are proud that this campaign was carried out without a hitch”, said Lino Guzzella at the annual general meeting of Nagra in Bern.

“We are now in possession of a robust information base for the three siting regions Jura Ost, Nördlich Lägern and Zürich Nordost, primarily as a result of the deep borehole investigations and extensive seismic measurements”, Guzzella continued. This will allow Nagra to propose the most suitable site this September: “With this proposal, we will achieve an important milestone in the project of the century of deep geological disposal.”

Nagra’s staff have done an excellent job in planning the deep geological repository for Switzerland. Matthias Braun, the new CEO of Nagra, has brought in fresh energy, added Guzzella: “Nagra has become more agile and open to new ideas. However, Nagra’s DNA – its scientific and technological competence – is and will remain solid.” He acknowledged his respect for past achievements and thanked his predecessor, Corina Eichenberger, and former CEO Thomas Ernst for their efforts. Nagra is making good progress and is in a position to face future challenges with confidence, Guzzella concluded.

The representatives of the Nagra Cooperative discharged the Board of Directors.

Further information: Patrick Studer, Head of Nagra’s Media Office: 076 579 36 50 medien@nagra.ch