3D seismics: Landowners now being informed by Nagra

Nagra is currently contacting all landowners and tenants who will be directly affected by the 3D seismic investigations in the Jura Ost siting region. A six-member team is underway from door to door.

Nagra has been underway in the Jura Ost siting region since beginning of September in order to inform directly affected landowners and tenants about the upcoming 3D seismic measurement campaign. The discussions also cover the placing of the survey equipment and the cables required for the measurements. The impact of the instrumentation on the harvesting and sowing work of the farmers should be kept to a minimum.

Walter Gassler, a member of the Nagra team responsible for the information activities, was on the road in the Oberbözberg area. «Most people are supportive of our work», he explains; «they understand that we need additional information on the underground geological environment in order to find the safest site for a repository.» Michael Sonderegger, who is responsible for the overall coordination of the information campaign, also has the same impression. «We have already contacted more than one third of the total of 1200 landowners and tenants involved and were able to reach an amicable solution with almost all of them», says Sonderegger. He is also available via a free hotline number (0800 437 333) to answer questions from the public. Overall, the work is going well.

A few days ago, Radio reporter Alex Moser accompanied Walter Gassler on his information tour in Oberbözberg. His impressions can be heard in the programme «Heute Morgen» on Radio SRF (see below). Our German-language blog www.seismik-news.ch also provides insights into the work of Michael Sonderegger.