Our organisation at a glance

We are a Cooperative with our head office in Wettingen, Canton Aargau.

The members of our Cooperative are:

  • Alpiq AG, Olten
  • Axpo Power AG, Baden (Beznau I and II nuclear power plants)
  • BKW Energie AG, Bern (Mühleberg nuclear power plant)
  • Kernkraftwerk Gösgen-Däniken AG, Däniken (Gösgen nuclear power plant)
  • Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt AG, Leibstadt (Leibstadt nuclear power plant)
  • Swiss Confederation, Bern
  • Zwilag Zwischenlager Würenlingen AG, Würenlingen (interim storage facility)

Our Executive Board


Radioactive waste disposal in Switzerland is a task of great importance involving Nagra’s various technical divisions.


Matthias Braun, CEO

Maurus Alig, Coordinator Major Project Sectoral Plan Stage 3 / General Licences, Deputy CEO

Reto Beutler, Division Head Finance, Controlling & Human Resources

Irina Gaus, Division Head Optimisation

Philipp Senn, Division Head Communication & Public Affairs

Tim Vietor, Division Head Safety, Geology & Radioactive Materials

Severin Wälchli, Division Head Planning & Construction of Deep Geological Repositories


Our Board of Directors

Nagra’s Board of Directors consists of representatives of the members of the Cooperative and up to three additional members. The Board of Directors and its president are elected at Nagra’s annual general meeting.

  • Lino Guzzella
    President of the Board of Directors
    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich
  • Roland Grüter, Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt AG
  • Philipp Hänggi, BKW Energie AG
  • Thomas Kohler, Alpiq AG
  • Matthias Neuenschwander, Neuenschwander Consulting Engineers
  • Michael Plaschy, Kernkraftwerk Gösgen-​Däniken AG
  • Roland Schmidiger, Axpo Power AG
  • Thierry Strässle, Schweiz. Eidgenossenschaft (PSI)
  • Bruno Ulrich, Zwilag Zwischenlager Würenlingen AG