Technischer Bericht NTB 83-19

Verfestigung aktiver Powdex-lonenaustauschharze aus Siedewasser-Reaktoren

An optimum recipe for the cement solidification of spent Ion-Exchange-Resins (type Powdex) from the BWR power plant Mühleberg, Switzerland, was developed at the EIR under a NAGRA contract. The recipe had to be optimized with regard to the amount of Powdexresins in the matrix volume. The product should satisfy the necessary conditions for a final disposal in geologic formations of Switzerland. Important criteria are compressive strength, water resistance, sulphate and mineralwater resistance and low leachability of the contained radionuclides.

Three extensive series of inactive pretests and two series of recipes using active waste from a power plant showed the recipe B. 54/55 to be the best. It allows the solidification of 41 kg Powdex-Mixture (weight of dry resins) in a matrix volume of 200 liters.

Technical tests were carried out on a 1:1 scale, using two different mixing processes. With both processes the solidified products were of the same high quality as those obtained on a
laboratory scale.

Corresponding proposals were submitted, but it has not yet been decided which technical process will finally be chosen at the Mühleberg power station.

For the EIR recipe a patent has been applied for.