Technischer Bericht NTB 93-37

Physikalische und chemische Eigenschaften von Bentonit als Verfüll- und Versiegelungsmaterial bei der Endlagerung radioaktiver Abfälle

Results of a literature study concerning the properties and the changes in properties of bentonite backfill are presented on the basis of current concepts envisaged for final disposal of radioactive waste in Switzerland. The literature preferentially used in this study is that of Nagra, international papers and special publications from universities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Mechanical, physico-mineralogical and chemical properties of bentonite and bentonite – water systems are considered as the central point, particularly taking into account the types MX-80 and Montigel which are favoured in the Swiss concept. Technological problems associated with radioactive waste disposal are only touched on or are taken as being understood. Special attention is paid to considering mutual interactions between different complexes of properties. Considering certain aspects of longevity and long-term stability, the discussion is focused on potential physical and chemical impacts of the bentonite backfill. Further investigations should consider the interrelations between mechanical and physical properties, diffusion properties and the influence on bentonite of higher temperatures, of water vapor, of iron corrosion products and of the products of interactions in the water – concrete system.