Technischer Bericht NTB 84-03

NAGRADATA Benützerhandbuch Band 1

NAGRADATA has been created to provide a single, centralised data base so that the large quantities of information collected in the Nagra field investigation programme "Nordschweiz" may be stored safely and at the same time made accessible to all accredited users. The system makes use of the following components:

  • The computer program System 2000, a data management code commercially available from the INTEL Corporation. This code is used to deal with all aspects of data storage and retrieval and also those of data protection and security.
  • A coding system for the concise description of data relevant to the geological sciences (see NTB 84-02).
  • A system for recording data from geological sciences, which includes data recording forms and an appropriate file structure.
  • An extensive suite of programs to ensure the easy and correct transfer of field and laboratory data to the data base. The principal aims hereby are to relieve the scientific field worker responsible for the data collection and to undertake various plausibility and validation tests of the incoming data.

This manual describes the data base file structure. It includes a description of each block of information and also of each item of data. An introductory section containing a summary is provided to each chapter to enable the user to obtain an overview.