Rapport technique NTB 81-15

Programme suisse de surveillance du site d'immersion des déchets radioactifs en Atlantique Nord-Est

This report describes the project initiated by NAGRA in order to allow Swiss participation in the surveillance program at the North East At­lantic dumpsite, used for disposal of low and medium radioactive wastes. The basic concepts of this surveillance program, and also the related scientific research in progress in various countries involved in the Multilateral Consultation and Surveillance Mechanism of the DECD, are briefly reviewed.

The NAGRA program is concerned with the study of processes allowing the transfer of radionuclides at the water-sediment interface. This research topic was selected in view of the scientific capabilities available within Switzerland. An active participation in oceanograph­ic cruises at the dumpsite is forseen from 1982, and the work which will be carried out is described.

This proposed contribution to the program coordinated by the NEA al­lows Switzerland to fulfil its obligations within the framework of the London Convention and Multilateral Consultation and Surveillance Me­chanism of the DECD.