Technische Berichte

Implementation of the Full-scale Emplacement Experiment at Mont Terri:Design, Construction and Preliminary Results

The development of a thermodynamic sorption data base for illite and the application to argillaceous rocks

The development of a thermodynamic sorption data base for montmorillonite and the application to bentonite

Diffusion of selected cations and anions in compacted montmorillonite and bentonite

Estimates of the influence of radionuclide solubility limits and sorption competition on the sorption values in the SDBs of MX-80 bentonite and Opalinus Clay

Colloid Formation and Migration Project: Site instrumentation and initiation of the long-term in-situ test

Redox evolution and Fe-bentoniteinteraction in the ABM2 experiment,Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory

Topics and processes dealt with in the IP FUNMIG and their treatment in the Safety Case of geologic repositories for radioactive waste

An evaluation of sulphide fluxes in the near field of a HLW repository

Chemistry of selected dose-relevant radionuclides