Rapports NTB

Development of Copper CoatedCanisters for the Disposal of SFand HLW in Switzerland

Entsorgungsprogramm 2021 der Entsorgungspflichtigen

The Nagra Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) Planfor the Disposal of Radioactive Waste in Switzerland

Application of the Bottom-up Approach for the Sorption of Cs (I), Co (II), Ni(II), Eu(III), Th(IV) and U(VI) onto Sedimentary Rocks

FEBEX-DP SynthesisSummary of the Full-ScaleEngineered Barriers Experiment –Dismantling Project

Porewater Chemistry of OpalinusClay: Methods, Data, Modelling &Buffering Capacity

Competitive adsorption on illite and montmorillonite: Experimental and modelling investigations

Long-Term Cement Studies (LCS) at the Grimsel Test Site – Modelling of the in-situ Experiment 2

Bentonite backfill performance in a high-level waste repository:a geochemical perspective

Grimsel Test Site: Revisiting the site-specific geoscientific knowledge