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Nagra encourages its young scientists to expand both their networks and their knowledge. At the «KERNthemen» conference in Dresden, Germany, the focus was on interdisciplinary exchange.


As an employer, Nagra strives to create a working environment where learning and innovation go hand in hand. Not only our employees can benefit from this, but also our interns. Nagra is dedicated to promoting young talent. In close exchange with our experienced scientists, interns are encouraged to expand their professional knowledge and networks. An important part of this is attending international conferences.

Two Nagra interns grasped the opportunity to learn more and meet fellow scientists at the two-day conference on nuclear topics, «KERNthemen». They could choose from a variety of workshops on topics such as work-life balance or communication. Technical discussions were also held, for example in fields related to future research on radiation and waste disposal. A World Café and a job fair offered excellent opportunities for direct exchange and networking within the scientific community.

This is what the two young scientists have to say about their work at Nagra:

Alessio Rossi: «From personal experience, I can say that here at Nagra, the transition from ‘intern’ to ‘co-worker’ is very subtle. After a few weeks of well-structured training, I was already assigned some real tasks. This gave me a taste of the professional challenges in store for a nuclear engineer.»

Quentin Monod: «Knowing how other companies deal with nuclear waste and comparing this with Nagra’s approach is very instructive, from both a professional and personal level.»

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