Treffen von Nagra und Numo

Successful collaboration with Japan

Research across country and continental borders is essential to the construction of safe national deep geological repositories.


The opportunity to collaborate and exchange knowledge and expertise helps scientists to develop new technologies, processes and materials that further increase the safety of the repositories.

Nagra is an international competence centre in the field of deep geological disposal of radioactive waste. The experience gained from decades of research and the know-how of our scientists are valued internationally.

Nagra has been conducting joint research with Japan and other international partners for many years, including at the Grimsel Test Site. International collaboration projects in this highly complex field of research make more efficient use of resources and allow scientists to learn together and from each other. For example, NUMO is a partner in the “Material Corrosion Test” (MACOTE) project started in 2013 to investigate the corrosion of different container metals for high-level waste – under realistic conditions, which is not possible everywhere. All partners benefit from the results.

This February, Matthias Braun, Nagra’s CEO, and Herwig Müller, Nagra’s Division Head International Services & Projects, travelled to Japan to meet with Shunsuke Kondo, President of NUMO, the Nuclear Waste Management Organization of Japan. Both organisations wish to continue the successful collaboration of the past years into the future.

“We have been working together with Japan for decades. Our trustful and successful collaboration has been, and will remain, rewarding for both sides in terms of results”, confirms Herwig Müller.

Japan is an important and reliable partner for Switzerland in research projects conducted at Nagra’s Grimsel Test Site. The successful collaboration with colleagues from Japan has proven itself over many years. We are pleased to continue our history of researching together. Switzerland’s project of the century of deep geological disposal only stands to benefit from international collaboration.

Quelle: Numo
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