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Nagra will found two new subsidiaries that will be responsible for the construction and operation of the deep geological repository (Nagra gTL AG) and of the encapsulation plants (Nagra BEVA AG). The members of the Nagra Cooperative unanimously approved this decision at an extraordinary general meeting. By doing so, Nagra will follow the proven Alptransit organisational model.

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Nördlich Lägern is the safest site for a deep geological repository: here, the rock deep below the surface best confines the radioactive waste for a very long time

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Development of Copper CoatedCanisters for the Disposal of SFand HLW in Switzerland

Nagra 2021 Gb D

Report on activities during the business year, company organisation and annual accounts

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“In September, Nagra will achieve an important milestone in the project of the century of deep geological disposal” At today’s annual general meeting of Nagra “In September, Nagra will achieve an important milestone”

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TBO Bözberg-1-1:Data Report

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Controls on OverdeepeningFormation in a Distal ForelandSetting

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BEACON / WP1.3 / Final Assessment Report

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Technical Report 21-01