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Radioactive waste must be safely disposed of for up to one million years until it no longer poses a hazard. Is it even possible to find a safe solution for such an enormously long time? Nagra’s researchers believe that, yes, this can indeed be done. They rely on geology and on the fact that deep beneath the earth’s surface, time practically stands still.


We offer our know-how to interested parties around the world.


The safe disposal of our radioactive waste in a deep geological repository is a cross-generational project. We too have several generations dedicated to this mission.


Together with scientists from all over the world, we conduct research at the Swiss underground rock laboratories and in other laboratories in Switzerland and abroad.

We are a Cooperative with our head office in Wettingen, Canton Aargau.

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Nagra is a Cooperative. We develop and implement safe and sustainable long-term solutions for the disposal of radioactive waste in Switzerland.

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Whether in our underground rock laboratories or hopefully soon at a trade fair – come visit us and watch us at work. We would like to learn about your thoughts and concerns with regard to radioactive waste disposal.