Wettingen high school pupils honoured

The cantonal school in Wettingen has honoured its best young scientists who took part in the Swiss Science Olympiad. Nagra donated the prizes.

All high school pupils who show an interest in the subjects biology, chemistry, geography, computer science, mathematics, philosophy or physics that goes beyond their normal school work can take part in the Science Olympiads. The participants have to demonstrate their scientific know-how as part of a demanding selection process. The best students then go on to represent Switzerland at international competitions that will be held in the summer in Asian and European countries. This is a special year for the international Physics Olympiad – it will be held in July at the university in Zürich. The Olympiads not only encourage networked, interdisciplinary thinking, but also allow an exchange between young people that goes beyond linguistic and cultural boundaries.

At the beginning of May, the cantonal school in Wettingen honoured 11 pupils for their participation in the Science Olympiads. Nagra donated book vouchers and mobile charging stations, so-called powerbanks, for portable devices as prizes. We congratulate the following students (from left to right in the photo): Jessica Brunner (philosophy), Manuel Burger (Chinese), Désirée Haag (chemistry), Benedict Gosztony (chemistry), Noah Meier (biology), David Rusch (mathematics), Tabea Künzler (biology), Henning Zhang (mathematics, physics), Oliver Tran (chemistry), Justin Mazenauer (mathematics), Poorvi Gupta (biology).

Honoured: The participants in the Science Olympiad from the cantonal school in Wettingen are recognised for their performance. (Foto: Kantonsschule Wettingen)