New Nagra blog goes online – People. Stories. Science.

The new blog gives an insight into the working world of Nagra. The employees themselves are responsible for the contributions on a wide range of topics such as field work, research public outreach.

Many of the fascinating aspects of Nagra’s work will be covered in more depth in the blog, in a way that is more personal and accessible to a wider public: for example the cutting-edge research projects in the Grimsel and Mont Terri rock laboratories, the new interactive exhibition «Journey to a deep repository», the seismic measurement campaigns that were completed last week, the plans for exploratory boreholes in the siting regions and even school visits. Posts in English on our research activities will also be included.

The blog is divided into different headings to give it structure. These include field work, research, Nagra on the road and personal perspectives. No story too big, no story too small – the blog has room for all the different aspects of working in the field of radioactive waste management.

What our work involves

The authors are employees of Nagra who report «first-hand» on what research they are carrying out and what their working day involves.

One of the main aims of the blog is, of course, to encourage dialogue with interested readers. We look forward to receiving the comments, questions and opinions posted by you on our contributions.

Follow this link to Nagra’s new blog: