Nagra certified by the expert body ‘UND’ as an employer who balances work and family life

Nagra has been certified by the UND expert body as an organisation that reconciles work and family life.

In summer 2014, Nagra decided to subject its human resources policy and performance to a review by the UND body in terms of the balance achieved between work and family life and gender equality.

The process for certification involved:

  • An initial analysis of the situation by UND
  • The formulation and approval of an action plan
  • Evaluation of the 68 UND quality criteria
  • Approval of future-oriented measures
  • Granting of the certification «Family & Work»

The process from the recording of the current status to certification took around one and a half years. Employees at all levels were involved and were able to bring their appraisals and suggestions for improvement into the process. With the award, Nagra now belongs to a group of around 38 institutions and companies that have this certification in Switzerland.

The certification is valid for three years and can be renewed for a further three years following an audit. Working together with the UND competence centre, Nagra has drawn up an action plan that will maintain and develop its position as a family-friendly and progressive employer in the coming years.