Financial contributions and donations made by Nagra in 2018

Every year, Nagra publishes information on its financial contributions and donations to third parties.

As a company under private law, Nagra is not obliged to disclose such information. However, because of the important societal nature of its task and the need for transparent information in its area of work, Nagra publishes its annual contributions to the Sectoral Plan process, its main membership contributions to organisations and other annually recurring expenditure.

Based on an agreement with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), Nagra finances relevant components of the Sectoral Plan process. In 2018, Nagra’s total contribution amounted to CHF 4,171,491. This amount contains CHF 1,952,782 for manpower costs of the SFOE, CHF 152,787 for cantonal experts on safety, CHF 1,204,000 for financial support of the siting Cantons and communities and CHF 861,922 for the bodies involved in regional participation.

In 2018, Nagra paid around CHF 218,778 by way of membership contributions to organisations, associations and professional bodies. The most important contributions (over CHF 1,000) were as follows: Forum Vera CHF 195,000, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Canton Aargau CHF 7,442, the Association of Swiss Electricity Suppliers (VSE) CHF 6,309 and the Swiss Association for Standardisation (SNV) CHF 1,189. Forum Vera is a cross-party and cross-denominational association that promotes the technically safe management of radioactive waste in Switzerland. The Swiss Association for Standardisation (SNV) plays an important role in bridging the gap between standardisation experts and users of standards.

A donation of CHF 1,500 was also made to the Association of Friends of Academia Engelberg. Nagra sees this as a contribution to promoting inter-generational dialogue in the areas of economy and science.