Completion of the seismic measurements in the Zürich Nordost region

Nagra’s 3D seismic measurements in the Zürich Nordost region were completed yesterday.

Project manager Marian Hertrich confirmed that the final measurement point of the 3D seismic campaign was surveyed yesterday in Dachsen. Seismic measurements have been ongoing in the two regions Jura Ost and Zürich Nordost since 1st October 2015. Around 120 workers from the German company DMT were in the field six days a week from Monday to Saturday to carry out the survey work. „The effort involved was huge“, confirmed Hertrich, who is pleased that the measurements were successful and were completed without any accidents. He adds: „We are very grateful for the support given to us by the public for the investigation campaign and would like to thank everyone for their cooperation.“ More than 97% of all the affected landowners granted permission for measurements to be carried out on their land or for cables to be laid out.

In the coming days, the last cables will be collected and cleared away. After this, the teams will go through the surveyed areas to ensure that everything is in order.

Further information on the seismic measurements can be found on the blog