Advisory groups

Our work has to meet high technical and scientific standards. To achieve this goal, leading technical specialists advise us. They help us to cast a critical eye on the results of our work and never stop learning.

For many years, we have relied on collaboration with independent, external scientific experts. They provide overarching expert advice as well as technically detailed support for the duration of the projects. To gather new information and exchange experiences, international collaboration, as carried out in the underground rock laboratories, is also invaluable.

The advisory groups are not bound by instructions from Nagra and are thus independent. They evaluate key reports before they are published and comment on selected technical issues.

In addition to the advisory groups, Nagra uses specialists and expert groups to ensure the high quality of its technical work and reports.

Geoscientific Advisory Group

At present, the Geoscientific Advisory Group consists of four geoscientists with many years of extensive experience in the fields of education, research and industry.

Dr. Jens Birkholzer
Dr. Jean-Marc Lavanchy
Professor Jon Mosar
Professor Manfred Strecker

Engineering Advisory Group

This advisory group consists of six recognised experts with broad knowledge and extensive experience in all fields of underground engineering.

Heinz Ehrbar (Chairman)
Professor Georgios Anagnostou
Dr. Peter Guntli
François Bertholet
Dr. Paul L. Nelles
Dr. Piet Zuidema

Barrier Performance Assessment Advisory Group

The Barrier Performance Assessment Advisory Group consists of four experienced specialists. Their work focuses on the safety barriers of a deep geological repository. These are of particular significance to the lasting, safe containment of the waste, far removed from the human habitat.

Professor Pierre Delage, ENPC (Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech, France)
Professor Robert Charlier, Université de Liège (Belgium)
Dr. Jens Birkholzer, LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA)
Professor Sebastian Geiger, Heriot-Watt University (UK)

Safety Case Advisory Group

The Safety Case Advisory Group consists of four international experts with extensive knowledge and experience in safety analyses and safety appraisals of deep geological repositories.

Sylvie Voinis, Andra (National Radioactive Waste Management Agency, France)
Dr. Johan Andersson, JABIA AB (Technical Radioactive Waste Consultancy, Sweden)
Dr. Manuel Capouet, Ondraf-Niras (National Agency for Radioactive Waste and Enriched Fissile Material, Belgium)
Dr. Jens Wolf, GRS (Central Expert Organisation in the Field of Nuclear Safety and Radioactive Waste Management, Germany)

Cover photo: Maria Schmid