Technischer Bericht NTB 88-05

Höhenänderungen in der Nordschweiz und in Südschwarzwald bis zum Bodensee

In 1984, the Federal Office of Topography made a thorough analysis of the levellings in northern Switzerland. With the present study, the area is extended to the southern Black Forest and to the Lake of Constance. AlI detectable vertical control points are evaluated geologically. The whole Swiss – Baden-Württemberg net consists of 564 points, 140 of which are chosen as representative points. The movement rates of these points are stated in relation to the reference point Laufenburg 177, which is situated in gneiss. Mostly, the movement rates are statistically not significant, but they hint at tendencies. In relation to the "Hochrhein" the height changes hint at uplifts of about 0.3 mm/year in the Black Forest (Höllental). Between Neustadt and Waldshut there are relative subsiding tendencies up to 0.3 mm/year. The area Donaueschingen – Tuttlingen – Stockach is characterized by subsidences (> 0.5 mm/year), which turn into an uplift tendency of 0.2 mm/year near the Lake of Constance.