Technischer Bericht NTB 86-09

Sondierbohrung KaistenBau- und Umweltaspekte, Bohrtechnik

The exploration weIl at Kaisten was realized as the fifth weIl within the Nagra Deep Drilling Program in Northern Switzerland.

The drilling work was started February 13, 1984. Having reached the final depth of 1305.8 m on June 27, 1984, the test phase was initiated and completed by May 3, 1985.

The weIl drilled approx. 300 m of sediments and approx. 1000 m of crystalline rock. Oriented cores were taken over the whole length of the weIl.

The present report presents the drilling activities, civil construction work related to the site and precautions taken to account for environmental protection aspects.

A chapter dealing with the commission representing members of the federal, cantonal and local authorities and about reporting is given at the end of this report.