Technischer Bericht NTB 84-11

Mikrobeben-Untersuchung Nordschweiz Teil 1:Technische Unterlagen, Stationsnetz

The investigation of micro-earthquakes in a low-seismicity region is a weIl known method to provide insight into the dynamics of the existing neotectonic regime. Such a study supplies the largest possible number of earthquake recordings within a reasonably short time span. The region of Northern Switzerland is such a low-seismicity area for which at least preliminary scientific information on location and source mechanism of earthquakes is required by the end of 1984. For this reason, during the second half of 1983, a modern microseismic station network with 9 new stations was installed in Northern Switzerland with the aim of lowering the magnitude threshold for recording local earthquakes in this region to less than 1.0 (Richter-Scale).

The present report is devoted mainly to the technical specifications of the new network and includestwo recorded events mereley as examples illustrating the recording and processing procedure. A comprehensive presentation of the recorded data will be given in a following report.