Technischer Bericht NTB 81-14

Datenbasis für eine standortspezifische Ausbreitungsanalyse radioaktiver Elemente aus einem Endlager

Migration analysis is of considerable importance in long-term safety analysis of radioactive waste repositories. In a first step our plans are to calculate transport of radionuclides using data – as far as possible – for an undisturbed hydrogeology. There­ by a reference case is defined. In a later step, possible events and processes can be considered leading to a deviation from the reference case. The present work gives the data base for a selected part of a comprehensive geosphere transport calculation. We restrict ourselves to a critical evaluation of parameters pertinent to the migration analysis of the 2 4 5Cm chain. This includes the important nuclide 2 3 7Np. For the first time we are able to perform a site specific calculation for repositories planned in deep geologic formations in Switzerland. The well-known fact that the data basis is extremely sparse is pointed out once more and concretized in detail.