Technischer Bericht NTB 14-04

Modellhaftes Inventar für radioaktive Materialien MIRAM 14

This report describes the "Model Inventory for Radioactive Materials MIRAM 14".

The objective of MIRAM 14 is to quantify and comprehensively characterise all Swiss radioactive waste that has been already produced and will arise in the future. The MIRAM 14 data provide the basis for long-term safety analyses as well as the planning of the deep geological repositories and related facilities. Furthermore, MIRAM 14 provides a platform that enables the development of alternative scenarios for wastes expected to arise in the future.

This report includes:

  • an overview of the structure and contents of MIRAM 14
  • the methods used for the characterisation and inventorying of existing and future wastes
  • 162 waste-sort reports covering the entire spectrum of Swiss waste for a "base scenario" (i.e. a 60-year operating lifetime for the existing Swiss NPPs, except Mühleberg NPP which is to be shut-down in 2019, and the collection of waste from medicine, industry and research until 2065)
  • a summary of the expected volumes, material and nuclide inventories of Swiss radioactive waste, that are to be disposed of in the deep geological facilities
  • a graphical representation of the evolution of volumes and radiological characteristics of various waste categories up to the end of the assumed end of the repository operation (2075) and for a subsequent time period of one million years

MIRAM 14 is based on the "Information System for Radioactive Materials ISRAM", which compiles the waste into waste package types and individual additional documentation for each waste package produced. Chapter 2 describes how this information is used to generate 162 waste sorts covering the entire spectrum of radioactive wastes in Switzerland.

Chapter 3 describes the characterisation and inventorying of the different waste categories. This work provides the background for the material and nuclide declarations of the waste sorts.

The structure and scope of the waste sort reports is discussed in Chapter 4. The reports contain information on waste type (raw waste) and origin, waste package hull, volume, material and nuclide inventory, radiotoxicity, dose rate and heat production, surface/ mass ratios and information on radiolytic gas production. The evolution in time of the most important radiological characteristics is additionally presented graphically.

Chapter 5 presents the total volumes and inventories of Swiss radioactive waste for the base scenario. Concluding, Chapter 6 presents graphs showing the evolution in volumes, inventories and radiotoxicity of the waste over the duration of waste production and a time period up to 106 years.