Technical Report NTB 88-03

Oberbauenstock (OBS) 1987:Results of the hydrogeological testing program OBS-1

In order to determine the hydrogeological characteristics of the rock mass at the potential repository site for low and medium level radioactive waste at Oberbauenstock, a total of 30 hydraulic packer tests was conducted in 1987 in the three boreholes drilled.

This report contains technical information on testing activities as weIl as the results of the first stage of analyses done in the field. The first part emphasizes information on the testing methodology and on the equipment used. The methods for test analysis are described and illustrated by means of three selected test examples. In one chapter special tests dedicated to the investigation of system's compliance effects are described. The results of the tests done are contained in the last part of the report. The text is supplemented by a number of figures and tables. In addition, test data and results for all individual tests performed are compiled in the appendix.