Technical Report NTB 01-01

Model Radioactive Waste Inventory for Reprocessing Waste and Spent Fuel

This report describes a model inventory concerning spent fuel (SF), high level vitrified (“glass”) waste from reprocessing (HLW) and long lived intermediate (ILW) wastes. The inventory describes the conditioned and packaged SF, HLW and ILW that are expected to be produced by the 5 operational NPPs (3.2 GW(e) over 60 years (192 GWa(e)), along with a more general 300 GWa(e) scenario) arising from both reprocessed and unreprocessed spent fuel, including mixed oxide (MOX), obtained by the recycling of Uranium and Plutonium obtained from reprocessing. In addition, ILW from other sources are considered to be included in the overall uncertainties and not modelled in any detail.

The waste arisings are described by 17 waste sorts, each defined using an average waste package description. Radionuclide activities, other radiological characteristics, material content, specific properties and predicted maximum values of the various attributes of the packages are provided in a data base of the waste sorts. This data is presented and discussed, along with a short description of the origin of the raw waste.

The summation of the waste volumes, activities and materials gives an overview of the repository waste contents. Uncertainties associated with the repository inventory have been analysed. The results provide an indication of the possible additional waste volume arisings to be considered for repository planning.