Brochure No. 8 «Long-term safety»

Long-term safety – The main goal of deep geological disposal of radioactive waste

The most important points at a glance

Switzerland’s radioactive waste must be disposed of safely, which means isolating it from the human environment for a very long period of time.

Long-term safety – an introduction?
Radioactive waste must be safely confined and isolated from the human habitat to prevent the radionuclides contained in the waste from entering the human body.

Today, tomorrow and thereafter
Scientists around the world agree that deep geological disposal of radioactive waste is the safest solution. Underground, the waste can decay over millennia until it has reached a harmless level comparable to that of natural radiation.

Passing on messages over millennia
Many countries around the world are considering the question of how to preserve knowledge about deep geological repositories for future generations. One possibility is to keep the information in different archives.


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