Brochure 9 «Waste management programme» / June 2017

Waste management programme – An insight into our work

  • The 2016 Waste Management Programme prepared by Nagra on behalf of the waste producers describes in detail how the disposal of all radioactive waste arising in Switzerland is being planned and implemented.
  • The radioactive waste will be disposed of in deep geological repositories. Multiple passive safety barriers provide long-term protection of humans and the environment.
  • The Waste Management Programme provides an overview of all the activities involved, from interim storage to the planning, construction, operation and closure of the deep geological repositories.
  • The Sectoral Plan for Deep Geological Repositories regulates the search for disposal sites in Switzerland; the process is led by the Federal Government.
  • Before the waste can be emplaced in the repositories, Nagra has to go through a lengthy licensing procedure at federal level, including general, construction and operating licences.
  • Demonstrations of the feasibility of disposal for all waste types have been approved by the Federal Council and confirm that deep geological repositories can be constructed in Switzerland.
  • Nagra has a solid scientific-technical knowledge base. The waste disposal concept is based on fundamental questions that have already been answered and the way forward will bring further optimisation.
  • Nagra’s research and development activities aimed at further optimisation are presented in the 2016 Research, Development and Demonstration Programme.
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