Annual report 2020

Report on activities during the business year, company organisation and annual accounts

Corina Eichenberger, President of the Board of Directors
Thomas Ernst, Chief Executive Officer

2020 – what changed?

Guiding principles of waste management

On track despite the coronavirus

Work developments
Current status of the deep borehole campaign
Overview of the deep boreholes
Quaternary boreholes completed, analyses ongoing
Understanding erosion processes
Where to locate the encapsulation plant for high-level waste?
Two individual repositories for radioactive waste or a combined one?
Practical requirements on a deep geological repository
Tunnel construction in Opalinus Clay: testing safe lining methods
Large-scale experiment: why is Nagra heating a tunnel inside a mountain?
International collaboration
Nagra shares its expertise with its partners
Public outreach
Collaboration with the regions

Board of Directors
Members of the Nagra Cooperative, Commissions and Statutory Auditor

Management structure
Executive Board
Further members of the Nagra management team

Organigram of the head office
Personnel news

Annual financial statements 2020
Comments on the annual financial statements for 2020
Income statement
Balance sheet
Cash flow statement
Notes to the annual financial statements
Accumulated accounts
Notes to the accumulated accounts
Report of the Statutory Auditor

Waste inventories and volumes
Photo credits

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