Technical Report NTB 83-27

Geochemical and isotope characterization of the stripa groundwaters progress report

This progress report contains the recent results of the hydrogeochemical program, a part of the hydrogeological investigations at the Stripa test site. A considerable number of groundwater samples have been collected and analyzed for major dissolved cations, anions, trace elements, stable isotopes, radioisotopes and dissolved gases to depths approaching 900 m. This report presents (1) the background geology and hydrogeology (2) major and trace element characteristics of the deep groundwaters (3) major radioelement characteristics and inert gases (4) stable isotopes of water and dissolved sulfate and (5) preliminary interpretations of the groundwater chemistry trends. As the studies at Stripa are still in progress, all interpretations are considered tentative and preliminary. Any conclusions drawn may be modified as a consequence of continued sampling and analysis.