Technical Report NTB 81-09

Stripa Project

During 1977 – 1980 a series of investigations in the field of radioactive waste storage were conducted in the abandoned Stripa mine, located in Central Sweden. The main part of the investigations was performed by Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL), University of California sponsored by the US Department of Energy (DOE) in cooperation with the Swedish Nuclear Fuel Supply Company (SKBF) through Division Nuclear Fuel Safety (KBS). The aim of these experiments was to develop techniques for determining regional rock mechanic, hydrologic and geophysic parameters at potential waste repository sites. In addition, the generated data increased the knowledge of the suitability of crystalline rock for terminal storage of radioactive material.

The LBL-KBS project aroused great interest in several countries. A new international cooperative project – the Stripa Project – again in the field of nuclear waste management, has therefore been established as an autonomous OECD/NEA project. the management of the Stripa project has been entrusted to KBS. Technical input and contribution of funds are given by the following countries: