Arbeitsbericht NAB 17-42

Local topography and hillslope processes in the Jura Ost siting region (and surrounding area)


This work is a contribution to Nagra's investigations on the long-term landscape evolution of Northern Switzerland. It specifically focuses on (GIS-based) mapping and analysis of the spatial distribution, controls and effects of hillslope / landslide processes in the Jura Ost siting region, a section of the Jura Mountains that is closely linked to the Aare/Rhine drainage system by seve­ral tributary valleys. The analysis of stream longitudinal profiles along these valleys also repre­sents an integral part of the study, to investigate potential dynamics along the fluvial network and their effects on (and coupling with) hillslope processes. Overall, the work should form a site-specific, qualitative – and partly quantitative – basis for future landscape evolu­tion scenarios (on the hillslope scale).

It is acknowledged, that this is an "as-is state" investigation based on the present state of topo­graphy that might be transient as a result of the past geological history and under prevalent interglacial climate conditions. Locally, anthropogenic perturbation might bias the analysis, but is generally regarded as negligible, or indicated elsewhere.