Arbeitsbericht NAB 13-45

Diagnostic analyses of the geomechanical data bases from the SLA-1 borehole

This report is aimed at an integrated interpretation of geomechanical laboratory investigations on core samples from the Opalinus Clay formation. The objectives of the data analyses are:

  • General quality assessment of the existing geomechanical data bases from SLA-1 and evaluation of the suitability of the data for constitutive modelling of the deformation behaviour of Opalinus Clay.
  • Diagnostic analysis of the geomechanical data base from the triaxial testing campaign (Jahns 2013) of the P, S, X and Z samples. The analyses comprise diagnostic plots of the consolidation phase (saturation/consolidation curves) and of the shear phase

(p’-q; εa-q; εa-Δu; εav).

  • Derivation of representative strength and stiffness parameters
  • Assessment of the relevance of coupled processes on the deformation behaviour (porosity dependency on retention properties, swelling).
  • Further data interpretations in the light of the constitutive modelling of Opalinus Clay.